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Tomas Sirio
I’m a Barbie Dev, In a Barbie World.Wide.Web — Backend developer — Master of memes.

Hey There!

So I’ve been having these 3 things in my head for a couple of months right now:

  • Golang: Because I wanted to learn a new Backend language

So, I got an idea that you would not be able to…

Hey there!

Last week I faced the need to have different steps to be run when Github Actions was executed. Today I brought you a simple solution to how I managed to achieve this. Be warned, the important content of this post will be the Github Actions Workflow.

Step by…

Hey there!

Here is a second chapter on this ASM’s series. This time, I’m bringing you a similar post to the last one, only this time we are changing the ISA.

You may be wondering, ARM? ISA? what’s going on here?

Let’s go step by step.

❓ What is ARM?

ARM is a type…

Last week at work I had an Idea which would require some files to be replicated on another repositories after I pushed them (or merged them through a pull request) on my working repository.

The example would look something like this:

As you can see, I wanted the File ‘file’…

Hey there!

This year I studied computer’s organisation II in College. I’ve been fascinated thus far with how computation is done on an assembler language and I want to share with you a little of my knowledge.

Maybe this will become a series because I’m finding myself really captivated with…

Covid-19 affected every single aspect of our daily lives and with it, our jobs.

The first months of being on a total lockdown at home where terribly difficult for me. I had to learn how to be at my apartment all day with my cats and keep my will to…

Tomas Sirio

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